Ania And Zizou Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Instagram And Telegram

The Ania and Zizou Video Has Gone Viral on Twitter: Many people are looking for the viral video of Ania and Zizou. Here’s what we know about the couple who has made headlines.

Ania and Zizou are no longer unfamiliar to us, especially TikTok users. One of the most well-known social media influencers is currently in hot water after their private video went viral.


On March 14, 2023, the couple suffered a terrible upheaval as a result of a Snapchat hack. Everything about the couple’s viral video and recent updates is explained below.

The explicit video of Ania and Zizou is going viral on social media, and the topic has been trending for a few days.

Influencers Justt-Aniaa and Justt__Zizou have had private videos leaked, and their names are currently trending.

According to Yahoo, Zizou’s Snapchat account was hacked, resulting in the public release of his private video clip. On March 14, 2023, there was a terrible uproar in Aniaa and Zizou.

Following the hack, their video was widely distributed on social media platforms such as Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and others.

Many unverified sources have also made news about this topic, but the majority of them have shared fake videos.

As previously stated, Aniaa and Zizou’s intimate video went viral on many social media platforms, including Telegram and Instagram.

As a result, the influencer’s fans and followers became interested in the gossip and began asking questions. Initially, the pair remained silent and did not respond to anything.

Following the video leak, many Instagram accounts bearing the couple’s names have been created. As we all know, Telegram is also mentioned in this video, but both have now revealed that this incident occurred following the hack of Zizou’s Snapchat account.

This implies that one should not record anything about their private moments and share it on social media, as this is dangerous in the current situation.

The same thing happens to TikTok celebrities Ania and Zizou. Ania finally spoke up about it a few days later and explained everything.

On March 17, 2023, Ania took to TikTok to update her 2 million followers on the ongoing rumours about the leaked video. While crying, she stated that she wanted to clear up any confusion about the gossip.

People also claimed that Ania was coerced into appearing in the video, but the TikTok star claimed that Zizou has never coerced her into making videos.

Following that, they decided to keep it private and secure. However, the video that has been making the rounds on social media was leaked when Ziziou’s Snapchat account was hacked.

After a few days, Ania announced that she was taking another step in this matter and asked that everyone stop sharing the video.

Ania And Zizou video

Later, it was revealed that the TikTok stars had filed a complaint about the cybercrime. This makes it clear that those who engage in such activities will face legal consequences.

Not to mention that the maximum penalty for non-consensual sexual content disclosure is two years in prison and a 60,000 euro fine.

So, if one does not stop doing such things, social media stars will almost certainly take legal action. As a result, we ask that everyone refrain from sharing the video or links that have contributed to Ania and Zizou’s fame.

The duo frequently creates exciting videos and posts them on TikTok, where they have millions of followers.



Waleed Khan

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